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Welcome to V Store, your premier destination for innovative and quality vaping products. Today, we are excited to introduce an exclusive addition to our offerings: HEETS TEREA (Indonesian) for the IQOS ILUMA, available right here in the Emirates. This new range of HEETS TEREA promises to elevate your IQOS experience with an array of refined flavors, crafted to deliver an unparalleled satisfaction.

Understanding HEETS TEREA and IQOS ILUMA

HEETS TEREA represents the latest innovation in the realm of heated tobacco products. Specifically designed for use with the IQOS ILUMA device, HEETS TEREA utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer a distinctive and enjoyable experience. Unlike traditional cigarettes or vape products, HEETS TEREA is made from real tobacco, which is heated rather than burned. This process generates a flavorful vapor without the combustion byproducts typically associated with smoking.

The IQOS ILUMA, on the other hand, is an advanced device developed by Philip Morris International. It boasts several technological enhancements over its predecessors, including a state-of-the-art heating system and a sleek, modern design. The ILUMA features the Smartcore Induction System™, which uses electromagnetic heating to ensure an even, efficient, and consistent heating of the tobacco.

Why Choose HEETS TEREA (Indonesian)?

The Indonesian variant of HEETS TEREA brings a unique flavor profile to the IQOS ILUMA. Indonesia is renowned for its rich and diverse tobacco heritage, which is reflected in the HEETS TEREA blend. The Indonesian HEETS are crafted with a blend of high-quality tobaccos, ensuring a smooth and satisfying taste with each puff. The specific blend and processing techniques employed in these HEETS enhance the overall flavor profile, providing a rich, aromatic experience that is both distinctive and enjoyable.

  1. Unique Flavor Profile: The Indonesian HEETS TEREA offers a unique flavor experience, influenced by the rich tobacco traditions of Indonesia. This variant is crafted to deliver a balanced and smooth taste, perfect for those who appreciate a nuanced tobacco experience.
  2. High-Quality Tobacco: HEETS TEREA is made from carefully selected tobacco leaves, ensuring high quality and a premium smoking experience. The use of top-grade tobacco enhances the flavor and aroma of the product, making it a preferred choice for discerning users.
  3. Consistent Performance: Designed specifically for the IQOS ILUMA, HEETS TEREA ensures a consistent and reliable performance. The advanced heating technology of the ILUMA device works in harmony with the HEETS, providing a seamless and satisfying experience every time.


The IQOS ILUMA is designed to elevate the user experience with several notable features:

  1. Smartcore Induction System™: This advanced heating technology ensures an even and efficient heating of the tobacco. It eliminates the need for a blade, resulting in a cleaner and more consistent performance.
  2. Modern Design: The IQOS ILUMA features a sleek and sophisticated design, making it both a stylish and functional device. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use.
  3. Enhanced Convenience: With a user-friendly interface and quick heating capabilities, the IQOS ILUMA provides a hassle-free and convenient experience. The device is designed to accommodate a busy lifestyle, making it an ideal choice for modern users.

Availability in the Emirates

V Store is proud to offer HEETS TEREA (Indonesian) for IQOS ILUMA in the Emirates. Our commitment to providing high-quality products means that you can trust us to deliver the best in tobacco heating technology. Whether you are a long-time user of IQOS or new to the experience, our selection of HEETS TEREA will enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction.

How to Purchase

At V Store, purchasing HEETS TEREA (Indonesian) for IQOS ILUMA is a straightforward process. You can browse our selection online or visit our store in the Emirates to explore our range of products. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you with any questions you may have about the HEETS TEREA or the IQOS ILUMA device.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

We at V Store are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. If you have any inquiries or require assistance with your purchase, our customer support team is here to help. We value your satisfaction and strive to ensure that your experience with HEETS TEREA and the IQOS ILUMA meets your expectations.


HEETS TEREA (Indonesian) for IQOS ILUMA represents a significant advancement in the world of heated tobacco products. With its unique flavor profile, high-quality tobacco, and compatibility with the advanced IQOS ILUMA device, it offers a superior alternative to traditional smoking. At V Store, we are delighted to offer this exceptional product to our customers in the Emirates. Explore the innovative world of HEETS TEREA and experience a new level of satisfaction with your IQOS ILUMA today.